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2018: Great Personal Power, Strong Social Conscience!

Make great progress here. Mars is retrograde from March into July, starting in Aquarius and ending in Capricorn. You may rethink some lines of action, but by the end you'll be well organized and eager to move ahead.

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Saturn is home in early Capricorn all year long. Rash decisions or social missteps should be few and far between. Make great practical use of every single day. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius get the jump on everyone with the moon in Gemini as begins. You'll be fully engaged and involved with scores of issues, groups, and inspiring individuals.

A solar eclipse in Aquarius in February empowers your public involvement. A lunar eclipse in July with an Aquarius full moon punches up your emotional commitments. The lunar south node in Aquarius lets you draw on successful habits from the past. In November, Venus concludes its retrograde period, so watch for progress in any stalled romance.

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In October, Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio and tones down any extreme emotions. Your sensitive and psychic outlook will be the voice of reason all year long. In numerology, is the big number two. It is more than challenge or conflict.

It is also the creation of material reality. To make fabric, you need the warp and the weft.


To get anywhere, you need to pass through a crossroads. How do you say taurus in Spanish?

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